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Windows and doors and the key elements in every home.  Although windows and doors and not the first thing to pop into a homeowners mind when considering updating their homes.  They are an important part of the structure and necessary for security.  

You could possibly have old windows and doors that may not close or seal properly.  Doors can drag, stick, swell up and even get wood rot or moisture damage.  Windows may also not operate properly.  The springs can fail, the glass can break, the frames can rot if they are wood or crack or get out of shape from home settlement.  

In any of these cases you want to hire a knowledgeable professional to take care of these issues.  Interior doors can typically be 30-32 inches while most exterior doors can be 36 inches or larger.  You may also have french doors or barn style doors. Interior doors usually don't require a heavy-duty frame. Exterior doors are typically made of heavy, weather-resistant materials that require a sturdy frame that's equally weather-resistant. Windows come in all different styles and sizes.  You may also be in an area where they require hurricane proof windows.  Hire a professional for the best experience and results.

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Window and Door Repair Quote Largo FL

Largo FL Window and Door Repair Quote

What Does A Door Repair cost?

Homeowners who are not experienced in this kind of work should definitely hire a knowledgeable professional to take care of window and door repair or replacement. Trying to do these things yourself without the experience and knowledge can cause it to be installed incorrectly and could end up costing additional money, time, frustration.

The cost of repairing a door or door frame can depend on the type, size and location of the door. For example, exterior door frame repairs can cost an average of $150 or more depending on the need or damage, while interior doors can average $130 or more. French door frame repairs average $180 or more, and sliding door frame repairs could cost $150 or more.  It can be more or less in some areas.  Call us for an exact quote based on your needs.

Most homeowners spend between $250 to $500 or more to install doors and door frames. A new door and frame could cost a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars depending on the type, size and style of the door and frame.

The average cost includes:
Basic door frame: $50 to $100 or more
Labor for about three hours of professional work and cleanup: $175 to $350 based on the job
Other materials, such as shims, screws, insulation and caulking could run: $20 to $50 or more depending on the needs.

Contact us now if you need assistance with any window or door repair needs.  We can also repair or replace hinges, frames, door knobs, locks or deadbolts, wood repair and more.

    Costs For Window Repair or Replacement...

    If you live in an older home 15-30 years or more and the windows have not been replaced you may want to consider replacing them.  They may be difficult to operate or may not close properly resulting in energy loss which equates to higher energy bills.

    Window replacement costs can run on average from about $200 to $800 or more per window. Some of the high-end windows types can cost between $800 to $1,200 or more per window. Installation costs can depend on many different factors.  Ground floor windows can be less expensive compared to a second or third story window.  You may also be required to install hurricane windows or hurricane proof protection.  Check your local codes for requirements for your area.  

    For a complete window and installation of a standard size, double hung, double pane energy efficient vinyl window can cost anywhere from $400 to over $600 or more.  Larger, specialty or wood windows can cost more and run from around $600 to $800 or more.  Hurricane windows can start at near $1000 and up.  There are also remodel or replacement windows and new construction windows.  Check with a knowledgeable professional as to what type, size and kind of window that will be required for your particular application.

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