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Tile Flooring...

When considering doing a tile project in your home there can be many different choices.  You can choose anything from a low end ceramic tile to a designer imported high-end porcelain tile. Before you start your search for a tile design that meets your wants and needs you should consider a few factors first. There are many different factors to consider such as the strength, composition, quality, use and where the tile is to be installed, such as on the floor or wall.  There are some tiles such as ceramic that are softer and only suitable for wall installation, such as kitchen backs-plashes or shower or bathroom walls.   Porcelain tiles are stronger and are more suited for residential and commercial flooring.

Most ceramic tiles can range from about $.50 to $35 or more per square foot. Ceramic tile typically costs less than porcelain because it is softer and less durable. Porcelain tiles can range from about $3 to $45 or more per square foot. There are thinner porcelain tiles that tend to lean more to the higher end of the price range for some indoor applications.  They go through a special process that provides maximum durability along with minimal thickness.

There are many different types, sizes and styles of tile.  Some of the more popular tiles are the wood like rectangular tiles.  They simulate the appearance of wood in many different designs and colors but with the durability and low maintenance of tile. They also can range in price from about $3 to $40 a square foot.  Labor costs for installation can run typically from about $3 to $40 a foot also.  There are other types such as slate, natural stone and even glass.

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Tile Flooring Quote Largo FL

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Engineered Laminate Wood Flooring...

There are many options available for engineered waterproof and hardwood flooring. You may have some variables that could impact the final overall cost of the project so it is good to keep that in mind. You may opt for engineered wood flooring or the traditional hardwood materials. You will want to choose an option that will make sense and will work well in your home. Most importantly stay within your budget.

There are several things to consider when choosing between true wood materials and engineered waterproof flooring. The engineered flooring can be more resistant to damage if you are in a wetter area like beaches or have a pool or if you have pets. If you have traditional hardwood you have to clean up spills quickly as moisture will damage the floor quickly. Your pet’s nails can make deep grooves in the wood flooring. Also toys or chairs can wear the finish as well.

Engineered waterproof flooring it is not only more durable to kids and pets but also moisture. So you don’t have to worry about getting it wet. If there is a spill or water you just wipe it up and don’t have to worry about buckling or cupping. Additionally, engineered wood flooring can go into some places hardwood cannot such as basements, high humidity climates, entries to and from pool or wet areas, Beach or lake houses. This flooring comes in all types, colors and styles and widths. It can also be a glue down or floating floor.

There are many different colors to choose from: Maple, Pine, Bamboo, White ash, Hickory, Red Oak, Cherry, Brazilian nut and more. Material costs can be about $2 to $15 a sq ft or more. Installation costs can be around $3-$10 a sq ft or more.  These figures should give you a basic starting idea of what your costs may be. It is a good idea to set a budget, stick to it and shop around for what works best for you.


    Carpeting is one of the larger investments you will make in your home. There are several signs that help indicate to you when it is time to replace it. There may be some thinning or bare areas, there could be some warping or stretching. You definitely want to replace your carpet if there are stains or odors that just won’t seem to go away no matter how many times you clean it. These are all clues that it is time to get rid of that old carpet.

    With most carpets the lifespan can be anywhere from five to fifteen years. This can depend on several factors such as the quality or density of the carpet. The amount of foot traffic over time. Pets in the home? Also how well the carpet has been cleaned and maintained throughout its life. One thing that can help extend the life of your carpet is to use a high quality, dense padding. The better padding you have the longer the carpet may last.

    Here are a few fiber types. Nylon, which can last a long time such as a decade or more. It outperforms due to its durability, easy maintenance and resilience. It is good if you have young kids or pets. Nylon carpet can cost somewhere from about $8 to $45 or more per square yard. Triexta is another type. It has great anti stain properties and has good resilience versus nylon which will have to have anti stain treatment over its life. Triexta is great for pets and young kids and can run about $20-$45 a sq yard.

    Polyester (also called PET) is another fiber. It is stain resistant and very soft. It is not as durable as the previous two.Polyester is harder to clean and can shed. It is better for low traffic areas like bedrooms and homes without kids or pets.

    Olefin (polypropylene) is an inexpensive and attractive fiber. It is strong and resists fading. However, it is not as resilient as nylon. This is used more in looped berber carpet.It is good in high traffic areas such as playrooms and family rooms. It has a good dirt, stain, static and mildew resistance. It can run around $8-$25 a sq yd.

    Installation costs can be between $2 to $4 a sq ft. with most homeowners paying right around $2.82 a sq ft. A typical 10x12 room would cost $338 to install. This does not include the price of the carpet.

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